If you have previously paid into USS, this modeller can be used in conjunction with the statement you received when you left, or a statement you may have received from USS since leaving the scheme. It allows you to calculate the value of your deferred pension at today's date, and to estimate the value at age 65/66 accordingly using an assumed rate of inflation of your choice

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So that we can provide an accurate result, we need to know what section of USS you are a member of.

I am a member of the Career Revalued Benefits Section

I am a member of the Final Salary Benefits Section

If your date of leaving is after 5 October 2020 and you do not have the below required benefit splits on your deferred pension statement or quotation, please contact USS.


Deferred Pension Increase Modeller

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Calculation Date: 04/12/2021

Date of birth:

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Section of USS: Final Salary Benefits

Pension at leaving: (accrued prior to 1 October 2011) £

Pension at leaving: (accrued from 1 October 2011 to 1 October 2020) £

Pension at leaving: (accrued from 1 October 2020) £