If you exceed the annual allowance, you may incur an annual allowance tax charge. You may elect for USS to pay the tax charge on your behalf in exchange for a reduction to your benefits.

To elect for the scheme to pay the tax charge, please fill out your details in the modeller below. You will need to notify USS by 31 July following the tax year in question, or retirement if earlier, of the tax charge to be paid on your behalf. The modeller will pre-populate a form which you can then print off and send to us.

The modeller will also show an estimate of how much your USS Retirement Income Builder benefits may be reduced by should you elect for USS to pay your tax charge. However, please note that any deduction made from your benefits will be taken from your USS Investment Builder funds in the first instance (where applicable). The deduction will only apply to your USS Retirement Income Builder benefits if you do not have sufficient funds in your USS Investment Builder to cover the tax charge in full.

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Please note that this modeller is currently under review pending update for USS Voluntary Scheme Pays. Please contact USS's Pension Technical Enquiry team at correspondence-team@uss.co.uk or call 0151 556 0626 for more information on this.

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*Note - if the tax charge you wish USS to pay on your behalf is less than £2,000, USS requires a copy of your invoice from HMRC stating the full amount of your total tax charge.